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2C-B (4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine) Recommended Dosages:

Oral: 10-25mg Intranasal: 5-15mg

Oral vs. Intranasal: Oral Bioavailability: Generally regarded as a smoother experience, though a higher dosage may be necessary due to reduced bioavailability. Intranasal Bioavailability: Higher bioavailability leads to a more potent experience at lower dosages and a faster onset.

Why Choose NSC (northside cannabis) for 2C-B? Opt for BMO to avoid the hassle of obtaining products from unreliable sources. BMO offers a convenient and rapid purchasing process across Canada, ensuring product purity through rigorous testing for your well-being and safety.

How Does 2C-B Affect Users? Effects are often described as more manageable compared to other psychedelics. LOW DOSE (12-25mg Oral):

  • Intensity may vary from engaging to mild/undetectable, with experienced users able to control effects and return to sobriety at will.
  • Hallucinations may fluctuate in intensity, resembling “clichéd ’70s visuals.”
  • Users may engage in activities like watching movies or playing video games, diverting attention from visual and auditory effects.
  • Increased giggling or smiling, alongside reported enhancement of music perception.
  • Some experience a temporary decrease in visual acuity, while others report sharper vision.
  • Can exhibit aphrodisiac-like effects.

MEDIUM-HIGH DOSE (25mg-50mg Oral):

  • Open-eye visuals, such as cartoon-like distortions and halos around objects, become prevalent. Closed-eye visuals are also common.
  • Communication, deep thought, and attention span may be affected.
  • Coordination issues may arise, including balance and perceptual difficulties.

Safety Measures with 2C-B: It’s crucial to be informed about substances before consumption. The prevalence of “Tuci/2c” (a blend of MDMA, Ketamine, Cocaine, and Caffeine) instead of 2C-B underscores the necessity of purity testing. BMO ensures the highest quality 2C-B, prioritizing your well-being and safety.

How to Administer 2C-B? 2C-B capsules can be taken orally, while the powder form can be dissolved in water, ingested with a drink, or snorted.

Health Advisory: Combining 2C-B with other substances, such as caffeine, amphetamines, mephedrone, marijuana, or alcohol, may heighten the risk of adverse health effects.

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