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Tuci: Usage and Effects

In UK clubs, alongside MDMA, ketamine, and cocaine, you’ll find Tuci. This drug, synthesized by Alexander Shulgin in 1974, gained traction initially as a therapeutic aid before being marketed by the German company Drittewelle as the aphrodisiac Erox. With MDMA’s criminalization in the US in 1985, Tuci briefly substituted ecstasy. It later gained prominence in Dutch smart shops under the name Nexus, possibly making its way to Britain’s illicit market from Dutch labs.

Initially known to a select few psychedelic enthusiasts, Tuci gained broader recognition through social media drug forums like Reddit. Its presence is reflected in a 2018 survey where 7% admitted to its use and even found its way into Kanye West’s lyrics.

Users tout Tuci’s advantages over other drugs, claiming it doesn’t deplete serotonin levels, mimicking the hormone’s effects like certain antidepressants. Allegedly, its tolerance-resetting within 48 hours distinguishes it from MDMA. While not substantiated by research, this attribute suggests users won’t chase diminishing highs. Yet, Tuci isn’t without drawbacks; it triggers paranoia, affects the central nervous system and heart rate, and can induce severe headaches and heatstroke.

Dosage caution is advised, as Tuci’s lethal threshold remains unknown. While some tolerate hundreds of milligrams, 15-25 milligrams are considered intense to frightening.

Notably, Tuci and 2C-P, though from the same family, differ significantly. Unlike Tuci, 2C-P carries higher risks, as evidenced by Louella Fletcher Michie’s death in 2017.

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