Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms
Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms
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Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms


Many users report that Golden Teacher mushrooms have the capacity to unlock their minds and alter their viewpoints about life. This strain is credited with possessing transformative or shamanic effects, earning them the moniker “Golden Teachers”. Despite their potent cognitive abilities, Golden Teachers contain only moderate psilocybin levels, making them suitable for novices as well as experienced psychonauts.

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Effects of Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms do not have as high a potency as other strains, such as Penis Envy or Blue Magnolia Rust. They carry moderate amounts of psilocybin and psilocin, making them a preferred choice for beginners seeking a psilocybe cubensis strain that isn’t too overwhelming.

Nevertheless, Golden Teacher mushrooms can still offer an extraordinary journey. Users commonly report that Golden Teachers provide a euphoric and mind-expanding trip, helping to broaden your thoughts and boost your creativity, while enhancing your connection with the natural world.

With small doses, Golden Teachers can improve your mood, stimulate your senses, and inspire your creativity. Larger doses can lead to transformative trips and intriguing hallucinations.

Golden Teacher Dosage

As with any magic mushroom strain, cautious dosage management is vital with Golden Teacher magic mushrooms. Although their potency isn’t extreme, excessive consumption can still lead to a disturbing trip.

Beginners may prefer to start with a small dose of around 0.5g to 1.5g. Within this dosage range, users will experience an upliftment in mood and heightened senses. You may notice a boost in happiness, and your senses of sight, touch, and hearing may become more intense. Creativity may also be heightened. For those who want to experience milder effects, a microdose of 0.25g to 0.5g is suggested.

Higher doses of 1g to 2g can reveal more of the Golden Teachers’ capabilities. You can expect enhanced introspective thinking, surges of euphoria, and light hallucinations. Doses up to 3.5g can trigger an intense psychedelic journey. Many users describe the effects of a Golden Teacher trip as spiritually illuminating.

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