B+ Magic Mushrooms
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B+ Magic Mushrooms


B+ Magic Mushrooms, a well-known Psilocybe cubensis variety, are widely recognized in modern times. They’re a preferred choice for first-time psychonauts and beginner mycologists. The B+ strain has been a top-selling variety since the ’90s.

B+ shrooms are notable for their large size and broad caps, setting them apart within the Psilocybe cubensis family. This strain also garners commendable reviews for its ability to induce warm visual and spiritual experiences. Its versatility and overall pleasant effect make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced psychonauts.

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B+ Magic Mushrooms are a widely recognized and admired variety of Psilocybe cubensis in present-day contexts. Ideal for first-time users and novice mycologists, this strain is renowned for its accessibility and prolific yield. Its origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery, but what’s known is that it first emerged in Florida, cultivated by a person known as Mr. G. His creation, designed for simplicity and bountiful harvests, quickly took the cultivation community by storm. Since the 1990s, the B+ magic mushroom has held the title of best-selling strain.

Among the Psilocybe cubensis family, B+ magic mushrooms stand out due to their large size and unusually wide caps. Their positive reviews are countless, with many praising the warm visual and spiritual experiences they induce. This strain is a versatile fungus, widely recommended for both novices and experienced psychonauts.

When you consume B+ mushrooms, you can expect to feel an enhancement in your mood, filled with joy and exhilaration, within 10 to 30 minutes. The degree of visual alterations you’ll experience can vary based on dosage, ranging from gentle to intense. Your surroundings may seem to breathe, the environment will appear more vibrant, and you may find yourself immersed in deep reflection. Both music and art may seem different, triggering a heightened sense of appreciation, and you might find a more personal connection to these forms of expression. The typical museum dose (0.5-1.5g) and moderate dose (2-3.5g) should provide a journey lasting 3-6 hours. For additional details, please consult our FAQ section.

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