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About CBD and Cannabis in Canada

About CBD and Cannabis in Canada

Since October 2018 Canada has become every marijuana enthusiast’s dream. All the countries law laws at friendly towards both marijuana and hemp there are strict regulations regarding selling of CBD products.

 Let’s take a detailed look at all that you should know about CBD,its legal status in Canada and how to sell CBD in Canada.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a therapeutic compound found in both marijuana and hemp in different concentrations. Hemp usually have high levels of CBD and low concentration of THC but marijuana has high THC content and low CBD content. Which is why both these compounds are regulated differently.

Benefits of CBD

The strong therapeutic abilities such as anti-anxiety,analgesic and anti-inflammatory has attracted people from all walks of life looking for relief. Studies indicate that CBD interacts with endocannabinoid system to provide relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, epilepsy, schizophrenia and symptoms of cancer. However more concrete research is required to understand the true potential of CBD.

Can CBD create a high?

Short answer no!.CBD is mildly psychoactive but not intoxicating like THC. Consumption of CBD can impart relaxing and calming feeling but the user would not feel euphoria or high.

Is CBD legal in Canada?

CBD market in Canada is very different from everywhere in the world because the whole plant is regulated and legal. CBD enjoys the same status as other cannabinoids such as THC. In Canada if a person wants to sell CBD product he has to go through a lot of processes to acquire legal license to sell the products. So CBD is only legal if it is from a licensed producer. If CBD is not from a brought from a licensed producer it is considered illegal and it would be prosecuted.

How to sell CBD online

 A seller in Canada can sell CBD products but t there are some requirements to do so.

Source of CBD

In Canada CBD can be obtained from both hemp and marijuana plant. Majority of people think that industrial hemp does not contain THC so it is legal to sell or use it but According to ACMPR laws, all CBD product fall under prescription only product in Canada.

Acquire a license

Before the cannabis act in 2018 cannabis program allowed adults to use and keep 30 g of cannabis for medical use only if it is purchased from a licensed business. Moreover, even if you want to sell cannabis oil you need a license in Canada. If we talk about CBD all the activities such as CBD distribution, procession, production require a license from the government. So in a nutshell, buying and selling CBD is legal but it requires a license.

Sell cbd products in Canada

For the brands to start selling and operating in Canada they need to spend a lot of money on applications and legal fees. The whole process of licensing and legalizing the products takes about a year which is why Canadian CBD industry is more reliable than in the US and other countries. But all these process also drive up the prices of CBD products and seriously limits the number of businesses offering products in Canada.

This also implies that US brands don’t bother to apply our ship products to Canada.  So we can say that CBD market in Canada is based out of Canada and you will not find these brand anywhere else in the world. You may find European CBD products in Canada but the shipping rates can be very overwhelming.

Different regulations in different provinces

Just like in the United States,CBD is legal federally in Canada but each province has its own regulations regarding its distribution and retail. Different provinces have different regulation regarding the private stores operation. Provinces have initiated the application process from private distributors and retailers to sell CBD in stores and online. Provinces such as Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Quebec handle the distribution,retailing and distribution of CBD. However,British Columbia, New Foundland,Labrador and Yukon allowthe private  producers to retail the CBD products. Manitoba,Alberta and Saskatchewan have no provincial government CBD stores. The sale of online Cannabis is also permitted they are fully operated by provincial government.

Another regulation to keep in mind is that all private retailers need to buy CBD related inventory form provincial government distributor.

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